Designer meets Storyteller

I spent a decade designing environments and furniture.

I’ve spent another one creating and performing comedy, and teaching people how to work in teams and present their ideas.

Now I’m designing user experiences.


Designing for users; creating for audiences? The process is about the same:

  • Identify an opportunity
  • Delve into it
  • Come up with your take on it
  • Put your ideas across
  • Listen to the response
  • Refine it until it works
  • Remain calm

I always love looking at the big picture, and then diving down into the details, and then doing it again.

(Like a hawk. Or a meerkat.)


Digital Work


Making a data-transparency site more ... transparent. For the California Department of Justice.


As the centennial of suffrage approaches, a look at making the LWV's website timely.

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.


Search for "cookbooks" on Amazon, and you get 215,917 results. I don't think any of them get it quite right.

Work on Objects and Environments

Office Environment R&D

We were hired by Steelcase to work on a concept for the future of the workplace.

Pot Rack for a Celebrity Chef

From napkin sketch to award-winning home, via rapid prototyping.


Three things I built for house and porch.

Work on Stage


Presenting and Performing

I'm a presenter, trainer, and until recently a comedian. I even combine them all to satirize motivational speaking ... and UX.