My expertise spans service design, user experience, and visual & verbal problem-solving. I have a strategic mind plus a laser eye for detail; a love of collaboration; and a gift for critique.

I’ve practiced Design Thinking since I was a design major at Harvard, and then at multidisciplinary design consultancies. I did a lot of work for Steelcase’s R&D department on environments that support new work patterns that are fluid over place and time.

This was end-to-end product and service design: start with academic and market research; make sketches, models, mockups, and prototypes; test with users, refine-rebuild-repeat; and finally deliver and document.

Then I shifted into training executives and facilitating workshops in storytelling, teambuilding, and presentation skills. Because being able to communicate ideas is as important, of course, as coming up with them.

That part grew out of my experience teaching and performing improv on three continents. And creating a solo show (a satire of the self-help industry, and more recently, UX itself), which I have produced and performed at theaters around the country and places like Comedy Central Stage and SXSW.

You don’t go into either design or comedy if you’re satisfied with the status quo. You notice things that other people don’t notice, you’re driven to find a better way, and you go out on a limb to express it. I’ll do what it takes: draw it, speak it, build it, write it down, act it out

I love collaborating on worthy projects with people across different disciplines and cultures, people who are smart and creative, authentic and engaged.